Desert Combat Server Access

    HOW TO: Access The Desert Combat Server

    Do you already have access?

    Determine whether you are already able to successfully connect to the server.
    Attempt connecting to the EA117 server using your installed game:

    by DNS name:
    or by IP address:
    using port 14567

    If you can already connect successfully to the server, great!
    You're finished! Quit reading this crap and go play!

    "Failed to connect to server"
    when attempting to connect

    If you have played on the EA117 Desert Combat server before, one possible reason for this is that your game is still trying to connect to our previous Texas server address. Make sure you are attempting to connect using the address information provided above. If needed, see the page for more information.

    Note that an additional reason to see this failure is if you are using a VPN connection. As described in the Desert Combat Server Rules page, VPN connections are not allowed. Disconnect your VPN and attempt connecting from your actual Internet service address.

    If those are not the reasons for the failure, then you may need to request access.

    Requesting Access

    Before requesting access, be sure you are viewing this page ( from the same computer where Battlefield 1942 is installed. If you request access from your phone or from some other computer, it might not report the actual IP address used by your Battlefield 1942 game.

    Use the "Contact Us" page to request access to the EA117 Desert Combat server. Your current IP address will be included in this request, and is visible from the "Contact Us" page as well.

    Your current public IP address is:

    Contact Us

    In your request, tell us the player name you normally play with on the server, and what your previous public IP address was, if you know. Be specific and provide as much information as you can. Incomplete or vague information could potentially lead to delays and more questions while we investigate whom exactly is requesting access.

    Access Approved

    Once we update your access to the EA117 Desert Combat server, you will continue connecting and using the server normally, without having to re-request authorization of your IP address.

    However, if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) changes the network or IP address used for your connection, or if you attempt to play from some other location that uses a different IP address, you may need to repeat the access request process for those additional or updated IP addresses.

    I do not see "Failed to connect to server",
    but instead I see some other error

    Not having Desert Combat, DC_Final, or PunkBuster installed can also prevent you from being able to successfully connect to the server, or will prevent you from staying connected to the server.

    If needed, see the page for additional information. Review whether any of the steps that are described there have not yet been performed on the machine you are playing from, or whether repeating any of those steps allows a successful connection.

    Why Do We Have To Request Access?

    In response to server attacks in 2017 and 2020, the EA117 Desert Combat server now operates in a partial or full "approved access only" mode. This allows us to more easily block those who would intentionally attempt to spoil everyone else's fun by crashing the server, and helps ensure we can identify the source of any such future actions.

    We appreciate your patience and collaboration in providing this information ahead of time, when necessary, in order to help keep the server operational and enjoyable for everyone.