Server Rules for EA117 Game Servers


What is RESPECT on EA117?
Above all else, EA117 expects all players to be respectful one another, and to respect both the EA117 server and its administrators.

Examples of what’s considered disrespectful include abusive language, intentionally killing a teammate, intentionally wounding a teammate, spamming of chat or radio messages, stealing a vehicle when someone is repairing it, "cutting into line" and taking a vehicle when someone was already there waiting for it, intentionally running over a teammate’s mine, using map exploits, and switching teams to locate enemy players or to force other players to get switched.

These and other forms of disrespect will be discouraged on the server, even when there is not an explicit rule that covers the specific way in which a lack of respect is being shown. When necessary, admins will enforce those who can’t show respect by kicking the player and banning of repeat offenders.

Administrators are people who enjoy playing this game same as everyone else, but who have volunteered to sacrifice part of their game time in order to help maintain an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. Our administrators deserve respect, if not also appreciation. Without exception our administrators are experienced, good players who understand and demonstrate showing of respect to fellow players and admins.

Server Rules

What are the rules on the EA117 Desert Combat server?
The current Desert Combat server rules list can be found in the Desert Combat forum.