GameSpy Master Server Shutdown Fix

    Battlefield 1942 Server List Hangs
    a.k.a. GameSpy Master Server Shutdown

    This is the download link for the installer
    of the latest BF1942.EXE for addressing
    the GameSpy Master Server shutdown:

    version 1.0.0 | 1.74 MB | March 13, 2022 | VirusTotal scan
    sha256: c1a03a683597dcc5dd287dd61a80b26b77282fd780da6ec54bd3a089ebc5c12f

    Download the installer, confirm to your web browser and Windows that you trust this download from EA117, and then follow the installer prompts.

    Note that because "software downloaded from EA117" is unknown to your Windows machine, you can encounter various confirmations from your web browser and from Windows itself.

    Some of the prompts you might encounter, and which need to be approved in order for Windows to run this installer:


    The intention is for you to confirm that you know you are downloading this program from a trusted source before allowing it to execute on your machine.

    If for any reason you would rather not allow the automatic installer to execute and install the updated files for you, these same updates are also available for download as a ZIP archive further down on this page.

    Once you have allowed the installer to execute, you will see the welcome screen:


    The installer intends to find your Battlefield 1942 installation automatically. But if for any reason you need to specify a different folder for installation, it can be specified on this page during installation:


    If installation proceeds successfully, the confirmation page will be displayed:


    For anyone who would prefer not to use an automatic installer, the necessary patch files are also available here as a ZIP file download:

    version 1.0 | 3.66 MB | March 13, 2022 | VirusTotal scan
    sha256: 1c76eb85bff6b6e6b56b0cc9c4a095fc0b82340be535d7eb029f8f4eb6cc42c9

    The folder structure within the ZIP file contains separate folders for the Retail-based and Origin-based game installations. Within each folder, the folder structure matches the folder structure for where files need to be placed within the Battlefield 1942 game installation folder.

    If it is unclear how to use this ZIP file in order to correctly install the patch files, it is recommended to use the automatic installer instead.

    Thank You!

    Thanks to Henk (Arkyliën) for the patched BF1942.EXE work, for which you can find the original distributions here in .EXE form, or as a .ZIP file. Henk (Arkyliën) also created the replacement master server the Battlefield 1942 community is now using.

    Thanks to radiosmersh for creating a more reputable and more functional installer, which you can find here.

    And of course thank you to everyone who contributed to patches both now and in the past, and on whose shoulders we are currently standing. These are but the latest examples in a long line of Battlefield 1942 community members committed to helping keep this game alive for all of us to enjoy.

    Why Is This Patch Necessary?

    Most recently when the -=AX=- master server replacement was shut down in February 2022, and also earlier back in April 2014 when the original GameSpy master server was shut down, the Battlefield 1942 BF1942.EXE program would be unable to query for a list of active Battlefield 1942 servers.

    This could lead to long hangs within the multiplayer menu in the game, and could also lead players to believe that there were no longer any Battlefield 1942 servers available to connect and play.

    The AX master server had provided, and now the master server provided by Henk (Arkyliën) currently provides, a community-built replacement for the GameSpy master server functionality so that Battlefield 1942 servers can register their availability.

    But players need to install and use a patched BF1942.EXE which knows how to query the community's current master server replacement using the DNS name "". Instead of still trying to query the AX master server using "", and instead of still trying to query the original GameSpy master server at "".

    What If I Do Not Want To Use The Patched BF1942.EXE?

    Using the patched BF1942.EXE is certainly recommended. Since not only will it use a DNS name which will remain correct in the future even if the replacement master server moves again, but the patched BF1942.EXE also contains several other useful fixes to the game which are unrelated to the master server functionality.

    However, to make your existing BF1942.EXE use the current replacement master server, you can edit the HOSTS file on Windows to "trick" BF1942.EXE into contacting the current replacement master server. The recommended way to edit the HOSTS file on Windows is:

    1. Use File Explorer to navigate into the "C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\drivers\etc\" folder, and copy your current "HOSTS" file to your Desktop.
      • Once a copy of the file exists on your Desktop, make and keep a backup copy of it just in case you need it.
        • Now edit the copy of the HOSTS file on your Desktop, using Notepad or whichever text file editor you prefer.
          • If you already have lines in your hosts file related to "" and/or "", then you want to update those existing lines to replace them with this information. If you don't have any existing lines related to those names, then you need to add these lines at the end of the HOSTS file:


            • Now save and close the copy of the HOSTS file you've been editing on your Desktop.
              • Now move (or copy) the HOSTS file from your Desktop back to the "C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\drivers\etc\" folder. Windows will prompt for administrative permission to complete this operation, since it is a secured folder.

                Confirm that you want to perform the operation, and confirm that you want to overwrite the existing HOSTS file with your newly edited copy.

              You can reboot Windows if you want to, but the change should already take effect the next time Battlefield 1942 attempts to connect to the master server. Editing a copy of the file on your Desktop is just "the easier way" for making the changes in the face of expected Windows security, which will otherwise prevent or confuse normal editing approaches.

              Keep in mind that these IP addresses can potentially change at some point in the future, and you may need to update these entries in the HOSTS file again to reflect the updated IP addresses. Using a patched BF1942.EXE which automatically "uses whatever IP address DNS name is currently pointing to" will be best solution in the long run.