Server IP Address Has Changed

    As of December 9, 2023, the " to connect" Desert Combat server IP address has changed.

    The server IP address is now: port 14567
    or port 14567

    What do I need to do?

    1. Use "Remove Favorite" on your current " to connect" entry in the Multiplayer server list in the game, so that Battlefield 1942 will not keep this old entry in addition to the new one.
      • Use the "Update" button (not the "Refresh" button) to retrieve an updated list of current Battlefield 1942 servers.
        • Find the updated " to connect" server entry in the list, and use "Add Favorite" to mark it as a favorite server again.

        That's it! You should now have an updated " to connect" server entry for the new IP address.

        Did it work? Did I do it correctly?

        If you're not sure whether your " to connect" server entry is updated with the new address, click once on the entry to highlight that server, and then look at the info shown down at the bottom of the list. There you can confirm whether the entry is for the new IP address:


        If you are already connected to the server, you can also confirm at the bottom of the score board which server address your game used to connect:


        If you can see the updated " to connect" server entry with the IP address, but you are still unable to connect to the server, please see the information page for how to request access to the server.

        Why should I use "Remove Favorite" on my
        existing " to connect" entry?

        Battlefield 1942 will intentionally keep any old entry marked with "Add Favorite", which is why "first step" from the above "What do I need to do?" list is to use "Remove Favorite" to un-mark the old entry.

        That way, when you reach the "second step" and perform an "Update" (not just a "Refresh") to obtain an updated list of servers from the master server, Battlefield 1942 will be willing to discard the old entry, because it's no longer marked as "Favorite".

        After you successfully perform the "Update" step, there will now be an entry named " to connect" in your server list which has the new IP address. That's the entry you then want to use "Add Favorite" on again, in order to keep the new entry with the new address.

        My server list is empty!
        Or the updated server entry did not show up!

        If using the "Update" button did not work, or you simply haven't fixed your Battlefield 1942 game installation to address the GameSpy shutdown issue, you can still manually add the server to your list.

        Press the "Add Server" button, and then manually enter the address, as well as the default 14567 port number. Press "OK" to add the new server entry to your list.


        When using the "Add Server" button, you might see the error "Could Not Find Requested Server" as is shown in the screen shot below. Simply wait, because as also shown in the screen shot below, the server entry actually does end up appearing, regardless of the fact that an error was displayed.


        If the new server entry still does not get added even after waiting, or you are unable to connect to the server even though the new server entry does show up, then the problem might be that you simply don't have access to play on the EA117 Desert Combat server yet, or perhaps your IP address has changed since the last time you requested access.

        See the information page for how to request access to the server.

        Can I make it even easier to connect to EA117?

        Yes! You can create a shortcut on your desktop to connect directly to the EA117 server, and the shortcut can use the EA117 DNS name so that you never have to worry about updating the shortcut's IP address! See for more information.

        Why did the server IP address change?

        As part of recent server hardware and server operating system upgrades, we also chose to switch to a so-called "portable" IP address from our hosting provider.

        What "portable" means in this context is that in the future, if we upgrade to different machine hardware again or move to a different rack within our hosting provider's datacenter, the IP address for our game server should now be able to follow us to the new machine location.

        Meaning this is intended to be "our last IP address change ever", so long as we continue to stay with our current hosting provider. So although it does not let us avoid the IP address change when upgrading hardware this time, the change does position us for not having to repeat the same "new IP address" exercise again in the future.

        Thanks to everyone for having patience through these transitions. We intend for our updated server platform to continue providing the foundation we want for stability in the EA117 server over the months and years to come.