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Server Rules

Postby Trench » Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:38 am

  • What is RESPECT on EA117?
    Above all else, EA117 expects all players to be respectful one another, and to respect both the EA117 server and its administrators.

    Examples of what’s considered disrespectful include abusive language, intentionally killing a teammate, intentionally wounding a teammate, spamming of chat or radio messages, stealing a vehicle when someone is repairing it, "cutting into line" and taking a vehicle when someone was already there waiting for it, intentionally running over a teammate's mine, using map exploits, and switching teams to locate enemy players or to force other players to get switched.

    These and other forms of disrespect will be discouraged on the server, even when there is not an explicit rule that covers the specific way in which a lack of respect is being shown. When necessary, admins will enforce those who can’t show respect by kicking the player and banning of repeat offenders.

    Administrators are people who enjoy playing this game same as everyone else, but who have volunteered to sacrifice part of their game time in order to help maintain an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. Our administrators deserve respect, if not also appreciation. Without exception our administrators are experienced, good players who understand and demonstrate showing of respect to fellow players and admins.

  • What is an “uncaptureable main” or “uncap”?
    Uncaptureable mains (also called “uncaps” or “uncap mains”) are the spawn points that the enemy cannot capture, meaning the enemy cannot change or turn the flag, and cannot change the spawn point into a spawn point for their team.

    Usually each map has at least one uncapturable main for both teams, and that flag is designated on the map with a red “no” symbol overlaid on top of the flag. However, some maps only have an uncaptureable main for one of the teams, such as Tobruk which only has an uncapturable main for the Axis team.

    In addition to literal flags, Wake and Iwo Jima have aircraft carriers that are unmovable spawn locations; these aircraft carriers are considered uncaptureable mains in both of these maps, and not be attacked.
    Omaha Beach is another type of exception. Although the Allied spawn is the battleship and cannot be captured by the enemy, the battleship is legal to attack on Omaha Beach. The Battle of Midway is another exception in which the aircraft carriers are allowed to be attacked.

    Medina Ridge IS NOT an exception, and the Allied team has the only uncapturable main. Berlin is also NOT an exception, and the uncaptureable main rules apply to the Allied main on Berlin.

  • Can I attack an uncaptureable main?
    No. Attacking an uncaptureable main or “uncap” IS NOT allowed. Attacking the uncapturable main is considered “camping”, and the player is liable to be kicked or banned upon an administrator’s discretion.

    If you are in any way unsure whether what you’re doing will be considered camping, DON’T DO IT. The purpose of the uncapturable main rule is to not “pin down” the opposing team to where there is no gameplay occurring elsewhere on the map. Back off of the uncapturable main, and go wait for enemy players to show up at one of the flags or objectives where they CAN be killed.

  • Are there any exceptions to attacking an uncaptureable main?
    Yes. You CAN attack an uncapturable main at any time using a sniper rifle. ONLY the sniper rifle itself can be used for the attack; not grenades, not land mines, not knives, etc.

    You CAN attack and kill any player and any equipment that is firing out from the uncapturable main. However, ONLY the player or equipment that was firing out can be attacked. Damaging or destroying other equipment in the uncapturable main, or killing other players in the uncapturable main who were not firing out, will still be considered an illegal attack of the uncapturable main.

    You CAN drive a car bomb into the uncapturable main and set off the car bomb. The driver CANNOT kill other players inside the uncapturable main, except within the exceptions already presented. (Meaning, only if you’re using a sniper rifle, or only if the enemy player fires on you first, etc.)

  • Can I follow a player into his main and kill him?
    Yes. If a player leaves their uncapturable main and then returns to repair or get more ammo, they are still a legal target and you CAN follow them into the uncapturable main to kill them. However, ONLY the player that was returning to the uncapturable main can be attacked.

    Damaging or destroying other equipment in the uncapturable main, or killing other players in the uncapturable main who did not fire at you first and had not left and returned to the uncapturable main, will still be considered an illegal attack of the uncapturable main.

  • Can I attack a unmanned SA3 in a uncap?
    Yes. The SA3 is ALWAYS a legal target, regardless of whether the SA3 is manned or not, and regardless of whether the SA3 is firing or not.

    However, you can NOT sit in the enemy SA3 or fire the enemy SA3; only a sniper rifle can be attacking from inside the uncapturable main.

  • Can I use an artillery piece such as a SCUD or Howitzer to kill a player or vehicle shooting out of the enemy uncaptureable main?
    No. The uncapturable main rule specifically states that you cannot damage or kill any other vehicles or players in the uncapturable main, besides the player or vehicle that is shooting out. The targeting and splash damage of weapons such as the SCUD, Howitzer, MLRS, etc., are too uncontrollable to satisfy that requirement. Using a SCUD or Howitzer to attack an uncapturable main will ALWAYS be considered an illegal attack of an uncapturable main.

  • If a player is outside his main entrance can I shoot at him?
    No. As described in the uncapturable main rule, the intention is to prevent players from being pinned inside their main, because we want gameplay to be occurring across the entire map. DO NOT SHOOT a player who is just leaving their main, and instead go wait for them at one of the capturable flags they will be trying to attack. This includes both airspace and ground vehicles.

    Some maps require that you operate closer to the uncapturable main than others. Accordingly, we expect each player to respect a reasonable BUFFER ZONE that is proportional to the size of the map. Meaning on a map such as Gazala there will be a bigger BUFFER ZONE around mains, versus on a smaller map such as Eastings where there will be a smaller BUFFER ZONE.

    If you are in any way unsure whether a player is far enough from their uncapturable main, DO NOT DO IT. Let the enemy bring the fight to one of the capturable flags on the map, and go kill them there.

  • Can I steal a vehicle from a enemy main?
    Yes. You are allowed to steal any vehicle from a enemy main, PROVIDED that you still follow ALL of the uncapturable main rules. Meaning you MUST NOT engage any enemy while you’re there UNLESS you were fired on FIRST.

    If you are found to just be loitering on a carrier or uncapturable main just to pick a fight by waiting for the enemy to shoot at you first, you will be warned and kicked for repeat offenders. Steal what you came for and leave.

  • Can we C4 a captureable spawn point?
    Yes. Planting C4 to defend a capturable spawn point is allowed, despite in some cases being considered poor sportsmanship. This is permitted on both CTF maps and non-CTF maps. Depending upon the map and situation in which it is used, it can also be regarded as disruptive play for the server. When an admin warns you to cease C4’ing in a given situation, please respect that decision knowing that it does not apply to all situations.

  • Can we C4 the main flag (the one the enemy is trying to steal from your team) in CTF mode?
    No. If you have planted C4 in the vicinity of the main flag your team is defending, you will be warned or kicked for disruptive play. If you have any doubt whether you will be considered to have C4’d the main flag, DON’T DO IT and use mines instead.

    “In the vicinity” does not mean “just at the base of the flag.” It means anywhere within the blast radius of the main flag, and in most cases, even if you’re in SIGHT of the main flag. The affected area will differ for each map, but for example on Al Nas no C4 will be allowed inside the concrete barriers for Allied, and no C4 will be allowed inside the main gate for Axis. On Al Khafji Docks, no C4 is allowed anywhere inside the warehouses. On Lost Village, no C4 is allowed anywhere inside the sandbags.

    It is still legal to "toss" C4 to kill the enemy while defending your main flag. You just must detonate the C4 immediately and without delay, else it will be considered that you "planted" C4 and waited for the enemy.

  • Can we C4 at the enemy's main flag (the one your team is trying to steal from the enemy) in CTF mode?
    Yes. You can use C4 in any manner when attacking and attempting to steal the enemy’s main flag. You can also use C4 in any manner at the enemy’s main flag when attempting to kill a returning flag carrier.

  • Can I switch teams?
    No. Please play on the team the server puts you on.

    The EA117 has auto-balance turned on, so any time players leave and the teams become off by more than one player, the server will automatically switch whichever player happens to die next. Yes, that sucks, and no one likes having to switch teams, but it’s better than having uneven teams or continuing to play unbalanced while players refuse to even up.

    Do not join the server and immediately switch teams, since the server has already picked your team specifically to keep the team numbers even. Switching teams just forces auto-balance to become enabled, and you or someone else on your team will be forced to switch again.

    All instances of team switching or team stacking are likely to be immediately kicked without warning, since the goal is to stop auto-balance from switching some innocent player in response to your team switch. Respect the other players by not forcing them to switch due to your own personal preferences.

  • Can we grenade spam?
    Yes. Grenade spamming (throwing more than three grenades while standing next to an ammo source) is allowed, despite in some cases being considered poor sportsmanship. Depending upon the map and situation in which it is used, it can also be regarded as disruptive play for the server. When an admin warns you to cease grenade spamming in a given situation, please respect that decision knowing that it does not apply to all situations.

  • Can I drive to a plane or helo?
    No. Use the legs EA gave you and walk. Do not waste the vehicle resources, since other players need them even if you don’t. Don’t leave vehicles on the runway such that you’re damaging or destroying friendly equipment when the vehicle times out and explodes.

  • Can I intentionally team kill or team wound?
    No. Intentional team killing or intentional team wounding is not permitted under any circumstances. Team killing or team wounding a player who has done the same to you just means you’re both guilty, and will both be warned or banned for repeat offenders.

    Note that the EA117 server is configured to punish team killing by default. To forgive someone who has accidently team killed you, open up the Battlefield 1942 console by pressing the tidle key ( ~ ), and then inside the console type FTK and press ENTER. When done correctly, you will see a confirmation of “game.TKForgive” displayed in the console. Press the tilde key ( ~ ) again to close the Battlefield 1942 console.

    Note the tilde key ( ~ ) is usually located on a US keyboard as the SHIFTed value of the key that is to the left of the ‘1’ key across the top of the keyboard.

    The EA117 server is also set to KICK any player who reaches a -5 score. The EA117 server is set to KICK any player who accumulates five (5) UNFORGIVEN team kills during a game, regardless of score. The EA117 server is set to AUTOMATICALLY BAN any player who receives these kicks seven (7) or more times.

  • Is cheating or exploiting or hacking allowed?
    No. Anyone cheating by using exploits or hacks will be banned permanently. You heard it here first, and this will be your only warning. Remove all hacks before playing on the EA117 server if you don’t want to be banned permanently.

    Admins are constantly taking screenshots and shadowing players that are suspicious, and of just random players daily. In most cases we only ban on proof, but in rarer cases when there is a general consensus among players and admins that a player is cheating, an admin may ban that player.

  • I was banned can I appeal?
    Yes. We have an unban section in the forum where you submit the requested information and plead your case to the banning admin.

  • Can I try to circumvent my ban and continue playing anyway?
    No. Circumventing an existing ban, regardless of what the original infraction was, will result in a permanent ban. Respect the admin decision and ban appeal process, and don't make the same mistakes on other servers that led to your being banned here on this server.

  • Can I use TOR, a VPN, or other proxy when playing on the server?
    No. Using TOR, a VPN or any other proxy that masks your ISP-assigned network address from the server will be grounds for summarily being kicked and/or banned from the server, with or without warning.

  • Can I clog up the chat with worthless drivel?
    No. Racism and general bigotry, misogyny, etc., are not permitted, nor is this the place for political or religious views to be discussed. We love free speech, but this is not the place to be freely disrespectful or divisive in a way that interferes with others enjoying the gameplay.

    The Internet is pretty big, and we’re sure there are plenty of places you can go online to vent or talk up your personal views. But the EA117 server is here for people to enjoy playing a game. Stick the gameplay topics at hand, not someone's ancestry, sexual preference or political views.

    You may be warned or kicked for repeat offences, and in extreme cases banned.

  • Can I be a potty mouth, or circumvent the language filter by misspelling my offensive language?
    No. EA117 wants to be as family-friendly an environment as possible, no different than if you were playing at a public LAN event with mixed players and ages. Be respectful of the other players as you would be in any public setting, by refraining from typing unnecessary and offensive words. You can scream anything you want within the privacy of your own home, but we don’t want and don’t need to hear it.

    The EA117 server is set to automatically WARN players when certain words or misspellings are used, and will automatically KICK the player if they repeat the offense. The EA117 server is set to AUTOMATICALLY BAN any player who receives these kicks seven (7) or more times.

    The purpose of these settings ARE NOT to “permit everyone to be offensive twice before being kicked.” The warnings and kicks are a REMINDER that we want the chat to be respectful and family-friendly. If an admin sees you intentionally and repeatedly circumventing the language filter so that you can continue being offensive, your arrival at a language ban may be hastened.
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Re: Server Rules

Postby Trench » Fri Jan 01, 2016 2:30 pm

The Desert Combat server rules list has been updated, to address some of the recurring questions regarding interpretation of the rules, and also to add rules that were being enforced but were not present in the list.
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