Punkbuster issue

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Punkbuster issue

Postby prophetpumpkin » Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:57 pm

Hello I am getting back into bf1942 and ive ran into an issue with punkbuster, i downloaded the tankpb update and reinstalled it

However it did not work, I am getting this error, Ive upload the attachment below comment box.

it has something to do with a1331
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Re: Punkbuster issue

Postby Trench » Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:00 am

That looks to me like the same kind of issue I'd expect to see if the TanksPBUpdate hadn't been applied, which I know you have. Maybe look over the "HOW TO: Use the CD-based Battlefield 1942 game to play on the EA117 server" and see if you think you've really done anything fundamentally different.

(Or the "HOW TO: Use an Origin-downloaded Battlefield 1942 game to play on the EA117 server", if you happen to be using the Origin-delivered version of Battlefield 1942.)

If you DO NOT have other PunkBuster-enabled games installed (e.g. Battlefield 4, etc.) you could try the "5a. Install BOTH the "Punkbuster core services" AND the "Battlefield 1942-specific PunkBuster files" together" method in the "HOW TO: Use an Origin-downloaded Battlefield 1942 game to play on the EA117 server". That's not usually necessary for the CD version since the CD 1.6 update already installed the base PunkBuster files. I just don't recommend it if you do have other PunkBuster games that might have updated these core PunkBuster files to something even newer; trying to use this package would be attempting to install older versions of the core files.

If it were happening to me I would be uninstalling everything and starting clean again, maybe watching the "HOW TO: Use the CD-based Battlefield 1942 game to play on the EA117 server" document this time just to make sure I wasn't doing anything in an unexpected order, etc.

You said it was Windows 8.1, is it also 64-bit or does it happen to be 32-bit? If things continue to not work out, you just might need to look for anything that Windows redirected into the "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\" area that is related to PunkBuster or Battlefield, otherwise they may remain in effect even though you had correctly uninstalled and deleted files elsewhere.

Finally, don't overlook the step that has you setting the BF1942.EXE shortcut to "Run as an administrator", which is absolutely necessary with the CD version in order to correctly run, unless you happened to already turn User Account Control off in Windows.

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