game locking up.

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game locking up.

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I switched from comcast to when I do multiplayer internet, the game locks up...


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Re: game locking up.

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Probably coincidence? "Game locks up / hangs when I go into multiplayer tab" has been exactly the symptom related to the GameSpy shutdown. You have to either edit your Windows HOSTS file to redirect BF1942's attempts to connect to GameSpy to another master server such as AX's master server; or you can just use one of the BF1942.EXE patches which includes "use AX's master server instead of GameSpy's" in addition to numerous other fixes.

But neither of those things seem like "something that would have changed when switching from Comcast to AT&T." If you didn't already have the BF1942.EXE update installed I certainly recommend doing that. (The one mentioned in Step 8 of the HOW TO: Use the CD-based Battlefield 1942 game to play on the EA117 server.) But if that fixes things, I can't draw a definitive line for why switching from Comcast to AT&T had anything to do with it.

Maybe you had the HOSTS file modification, and something done around the same time you switched reset the HOSTS file entries? Again, doesn't "make sense that would have actually happened", but is a possible explanation.

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