using keyboard and mouse on PS4 or Xbox1

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using keyboard and mouse on PS4 or Xbox1

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time again for a new game, BFV and again with the dilemma of buying or not a new computer, my kids have both PS4 and xbox1 and tell me to learn and play with the controls by honestly I find it too difficult ,so guys I was wondering if it is possible to add a keyboard and mouse to this consoles and if any of you have tried them?
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Re: using keyboard and mouse on PS4 or Xbox1

Post by Trench »

No, I have never done it, so no useful experience to contribute there. Yes apparently XIM Apex makes it possible for PS4 and XBox to use standard keyboard and mouse. And that's probably the way you would want to go, since it sounds like this allows you to use them regardless of whether the game specifically enables it or not.

Recent updates by Microsoft for XBox apparently enable keyboard and mouse support natively on the box, but your ability to use them is up to the game vendor / publisher. I'm surprised it hasn't had that all along, since the little I knew of XBox is that it was essentially just a kiosk-mode Windows PC. No idea about PS4.
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