Possible “Clan War” Based Matches

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Re: Possible “Clan War” Based Matches

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I will make another forum, to keep track of potential people. I think we should aim for 7v7 to be honest.
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Re: Possible “Clan War” Based Matches

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I will only play if Eagle is on the opposing team so I can continue to blow his huge ass with my saw ??? I went back to Doom 2. As for dressing up as a cheerleader ... I begin to realize your fantasies about me ... :31: :lol:


P. S. Fu Eagle!!! :lol:
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Re: Possible “Clan War” Based Matches

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Hello guys, I’ve been going through some of the posts in this forum regarding the organizing of clan wars and other competitive events.

I would like to give a hand to organize the competitive events, if people are still interested. Since 2015 I have organized numerous tournaments and leagues on the SiMPLE community, sometimes all by myself but most recently with the help of a few colleagues. What I can suggest for the clan war matches would be:

1) Find a server location where most players have a reasonable ping. I assume most players here are from the US and Canada.

2) This is kind of obvious but the server must always be separate from EA117 and be dedicated to the competition, with a password. It wouldn’t be appropriate to Trench to use his server for this since it has a different mandate and serves public players only.

3) The initial clan war event could be used as a stepping stone for some sort of league or ladder to be held in the future. I would suggest that this first event be held with teams of 5; that way you get more teams to sign up for it as opposed to the full fledged 8v8 clan war.

4) A suggestion for the game mode of the event could be 5v5 CTF. The way I see it is stock DC/DCF maps are really built around CTF and these maps are pretty excellent for that. I would suggest removing vehicles, limiting nades and removing expacks to give the event a more “pure infantry” feeling.

5) I haven’t really seen any mention of this but it is essential to agree on an anti-cheat program and enforce it during the event. The default AC is PunkBuster; with all its flaws it still offers at least a basic amount of protection I imagine. Oh, and the server in which the competition takes place must run Unpure mode, to prevent players which use mod based cheats from joining the event.

I don’t have a problem with hosting the server myself. I can set it up and install the necessary files too. If you guys are still interested by this event, please let me know.
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