Disconecting during game

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Disconecting during game

Post by sanchez »

Hello, recently I keep disconnecting from the server sometimes 3 times in one hour. I see the wife watching movies on Netflix and her movies don't interrupt at all. Are internet provider modem-routers good? will my connection improve if I get my own router and use the Shaw Motorola device just as a modem? 90.8 MBPS Download / 15.8 MBPS Upload / latency 14ms /server Seattle WA
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Re: Disconecting during game

Post by Trench »

I would not guess that changing the router you have inside your house would actually make any difference. Or at least doesn't immediately correlate to "you would have issues that would cause a full-on disconnect from the server."

Is your gaming computer's connection wireless, or wired with an Ethernet cable to the router? If you have the option to connect with an Ethernet cable, that's something that might give you better reliability, or at minimum would let you eliminate WiFi issues from the possibilities. Your WiFi signal could be getting temporarily interrupted by the neighbor's microwave oven or something. Netflix wouldn't necessarily fatally die when that happens it's been buffering ahead the whole time and can continue playing & catch up later, But you would notice instantly when playing a game when something like that happens.
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