Thanksgiving and being alive.

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Thanksgiving and being alive.

Post by opus »

You know, being a european my life is quite different from yours.
But one thing we certainly do have in common, is the appreciation for life.
My cousin is/was in special forces DK (frogman), and now works in brussels with Nato.
The kind of shit he's seen, and the kind of misery he's been in... no words cover.

He has fought along side, US, UK, CA, ZE, and many other nations abroad. Afganistan, Iraq, kosovo, somalia, you name it.
I never had the balls he had, but he is definitely someone I look up to.
Needless to say, I am darn proud of him.
I am also proud of all the others out there, past, present and future serving people.
Making sacrifices, giving life for us and their brothers, so we can get up in the morning and send our kids off to school.

Thank you for life! Past, present and future soldiers. I thank you for your service, protection and the ability to be ME.
Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends, and god bless to all of you.


My cousin loves this movie, as to him it portrays most authenticly what these guys goes through.

Lone Survivor.
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Re: Thanksgiving and being alive.

Post by tonawandares »

Thanks Opus. Great post

~ tona
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