Chispas glitching on Al Nas Day 2

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Chispas glitching on Al Nas Day 2

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Please review chat log on April 4, 2016 at around 23:23 EDT. It's self-explanatory.

I witnessed Chispas glitching in game playing on the red side firing into blue main. Sniping is fine, but not from inside the walls next to where the red spawn truck is often parked north of the blue main (next to secondary flag past the semi truck trailers). He was inside the little room with the table and glitching behind the wall firing out with the .50 cal. He was doing this for the first 15/20 mins or so of the game before I finally found him.
I kept looking for him and I finally saw his leg pop out of the wall then the muzzle flash of the .50. When I confronted him he said for me to find him and kill him. He got up and walked out of the wall and shot me.
As you will see in the chat log he kept discussing it, blah blah blah. I informed him of the rule, and it was ban to continue and to visit this site for rule review.

Rockinrolla was also playing and saw this dialogue and pointed the glitch out as well.

You all know by now that I hate cheaters. Don't care if it's a glitch, hack, exploit, etc. Cheating is cheating and I prefer everyone play a clean game. This guy doesn't do it.

Thanks for your time

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Re: Chispas glitching on Al Nas Day 2

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Thanks for bringing it up. Reviewed the chat log, and while there is no dispute he wanted to play it off as no big deal, he did seem open to following the rules when told. I say we hold him to that, with no further leniency if he's caught still doing it. Next time an admin is on with him we'll make sure its said directly to him as well.

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