Suck My Wake / Glory /Yorgl /Etc

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Suck My Wake / Glory /Yorgl /Etc

Post by IrishLincoln »

Who is this idiot?

Admins, how many years have I played here now? It just seems like the idiots get worse and worse, or perhaps my tolerance of them is getting lower and lower?

For the past couple weeks, maybe more I don't know, this Yorgl/Suck My Wake/Glory/etc (dude has multiple aliases) has followed me around, purposely ran over my mines I place for defense or tactical purposes, gotten in equipment I am in just to take off with it or disrupt, team wound me, heads for any vehicles I am going for and steals it, and constantly disrupts gameplay in pretty much any way he can. On CTF he has killed me several times when I've had the flag to grab the flag himself and cap for the points.
That's aggravating when I'm a team player and only want my team to win, but that is unreal.

So, my question is what's the deal? Are you looking at this dude? Have you checked IPs? Do you give a shit?
Honestly, I'm not trying to be facetious. Serious questions. Perhaps i haven't seen it, but have you talked to this person about the constant trolling and disruption? Do you approve of this?

I'm just trying to wrap my head around it because it's getting to the point I don't even want to come on 117. (Not a ultimatum, just my honest feeling on this)

I understand giving people chances. I always did at ATF when I admin'd over there. I understand 100%. There's always those types, but this is over and over and over.

What is going on? Are you looking at this? I'm not getting any response in-game. Any requests for help are ignored or requests to watch what he's doing. Both Rye and Trench have seen him continuously run over my mines on purpose, steal my arty, team wound. I've called it out. Ignored. And what do i get? Kicked for negative score because of this idiot.

Sorry guys, I'm just befuddled. Any explanation would be appreciated as to why this guy is ignored.

Thanks - IrishLincoln
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Re: Suck My Wake / Glory /Yorgl /Etc

Post by Trench »

He was kicked for disruptive gameplay, because of what he was doing to you.
You weren't able to see that happen, because you were auto-kicked for negative score.
He then re-joined after kick, just like you re-joined after kick. He wasn't "still playing."

We'll keep warning him and give him enough rope to hang himself with.
Some people's kids.

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Re: Suck My Wake / Glory /Yorgl /Etc

Post by CJ (Crash) »

Yeah I saw that. That happened at Berlin. I explained that during the game. I dont think Irish realized what happened.
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