Chat and Gameplay Disruptions on the Server

If you want to report a player, this is the place to do so.
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Chat and Gameplay Disruptions on the Server

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    • Effective immediately, we have requested for the admin team to respond to any personal attacks, intentional provocation, and other pointless bickering in the game server by simply kicking any and all persons involved, without warning. Effectively lowering the threshold for what is considered disruptive chat behavior to include these intentional provocations and personal insults.
    • It doesn't matter whether you were the instigator of the problem or the original target of the attacks; all parties, anyone, choosing to engage in the behavior will be kicked without warning or explanation. If a kick doesn't get the message across and the behavior continues immediately or later, temporary bans of escalating duration will be used as necessary to ensure the game play remains fun and drama free for everyone else who is just here to play.
    • This will not be "a new excuse for things to argue about", and if you come to the ban appeals forum, the admin response is simply going to be "The action stands. See you back in game when the ban has expired."
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      Re: Chat and Gameplay Disruptions on the Server

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