Restriction service abnormality

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Restriction service abnormality

Postby interloper » Wed May 06, 2015 3:04 pm

Hi Guys,
I played here for years as "dirtnap". About a year ago I had to wipe and reformat my hard drive. I was unable to sign on at the EA 117 homepage as dirtnap so that's why I've got the new handle (interloper). I'm having trouble getting in the game. Your game is the only BF 1942 game I'm having trouble with. I've scoured your site for an answer. If it's there I missed it. When I try to get in the game I get the message "Restricted: Service Abnormality". Any Suggestions much appreciated.
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Re: Restriction service abnormality

Postby Trench » Wed May 06, 2015 4:29 pm

At the moment I'm assuming "no problem playing except on EA117" also means "EA117 is the only PunkBuster-enabled server I've tried." Because Evenbalance no longer officially supports Battlefield 1942 with PunkBuster, getting PunkBuster working does require some steps which didn't used to be necessary.

If you are playing with a CD-based installation of Battlefield 1942, did you apply Tank's PB Update after letting the Battlefield 1942 1.6 & 1.61 updates install the original PunkBuster client? If you are using an Origin-based download of Battlefield 1942, what source for installing PunkBuster was used (since the Origin game doesn't include PunkBuster in any form, even though you might have PunkBuster services still present on the machine due to other games).

If you do think you already performed all the steps that "should" have made PunkBuster work on your new Battlefield 1942 installation, are you running BF1942.EXE using "Run this program as an administrator"? (By enabling that option on the BF1942.EXE shortcut's "Compatibility" tab.)

If you haven't seem them already, check out the "HOW TO: Use the CD-based Battlefield 1942 game to play on the EA117 server" or "HOW TO: Use an Origin-downloaded Battlefield 1942 game to play on the EA117 server" documents for an overview of the steps we expect should work for playing on EA117.

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