i got your back Fluffy Kitten

i got your back Fluffy Kitten

Postby Lenny » Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:30 pm

Dude, i completely back your play the other day when Wolf jacked your ride. He's been playing for 12 years just like us and he should know where jeeps spawn in that server. He should also notice when a vehicle pops up on minimap as grey. Especially when the flag is white like it was. But after you told him it was your ride he should have brought it back instead of spending 10 minutes coming up with excuses for his noob move. What's worse, and this happened to me yesterday, is when you land a plane to cap it and a human player jacks it with an "I don't know....duuhhhh". What did they think planes just started spawning at flags for no reason all of a sudden? Likewise, did Wolf think your jeep, which was not in a spawn location, just magically appeared where you jumped out?
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