Thank you Cheese!

Thank you Cheese!

Postby pistol » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:54 am

If you hadn't annoyed me to the point of wanting to stop playing (so I wouldn't ruin your evening), I never would have found BF2 here:

BF2 - free to download and free to play. Awesome. Mali you should check this out since they have a high European presence. So that's now where I play. 64 person games most nights. Sure, I'll come back here if their servers ever go down, but it's hard to switch back and forth.

Anyways, good luck to most! Thank you cheese for turning me off of this and on to something else! (1 fewer player for EA117)

Trench & admins, thanks for your efforts here. You guys do good work.

-Pistol out.
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Re: Thank you Cheese!

Postby jolly_mario_batali » Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:55 pm

This post saddens me. Pistol, would you agree to an arbitration between you and Cheese? I would be happy to act as a third-party arbitrator and I'm sure others would agree to do that instead if you would prefer someone else.

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Re: Thank you Cheese!

Postby Mali Mrav » Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:48 pm

i play it sometimes but i prefer ea117
good gang over here :)
my nick on bf2 is Baban
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