Main base Spawn Mod for Blue in AL Nas CTF

Main base Spawn Mod for Blue in AL Nas CTF

Postby Thor's hammer » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:47 pm

Blue's main spawn point needs to be enlarged to encompass the area around the flag and the building to their right (east). Currently the spawn point seems to only include the area of the buildings to the lower left of the map or open area. This makes it to easy for red to basically push back blue and and trap them in the rooms. All it takes are players like Patches to snipe rape with the and shutdown any attempt by blue to get into their flag area and defend (such as tonight were as soon as I spawned I was killed 9 times in a row before I could even move). Now I'm not objecting to the spawn point raping itself. That's part of the game but when one person can shutdown a spawn point against 8 others without the opportunity for them to react that's another thing entirely different.

The clear area around blue's main plus the elevation of positions around it which are farther away are significantly better than the geography around red's main to allow clear shots without blue being able to return fire. Expanding blue's area of spawning at their main would help off set this disparity and make Patches or anyone else work a little harder for their kills ;)
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Re: Main base Spawn Mod for Blue in AL Nas CTF

Postby Nuno » Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:07 pm

That's actually a good idea.
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