Change server name

Change server name

Postby Lenny » Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:25 pm

to "Same old boring CTF maps ALL THE TIME NEVER ENDING"

You put in 40 new maps and any time a new CQ map comes on either the same boring players vote the same boring ctf maps or admin just switches to them.

News Flash: AL NAS CTF IS BOOOOOOOORIIIIIING. 9/10 times when i reload server list there it is EA in Al Nas......again. What was the point of installing 40 new maps when all the same boring maps are all that gets played? No i'm not coming back to answer that either. CTF AL NAS sucks and is old and boring. End of story, you will NEVER change my mind about that so don't bother trying.

And before you start pointing the finger and screaming "cry!" it was the crying little wimps that keep bugging admins to change it change it wahhh wahhhh we can't play CQ maps, we're no good a map we can't sit and camp. wahhhhhh So maybe you need to stop crying and learn how to play new maps.
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Re: Change server name

Postby HairyRussianDude » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:55 pm

Unfortunately you do not share a majority opinion.
Map vote and a ton of maps were implemented to help the server population by allowing players to vote out maps that don't suite the population or player preferences.
Also, I'm betting that if the admin looked at server population and maps being played, they would find that Al Nas is possibly the best seeder on the server, with CTF maps also being the most helpful to server population.
Your post is an example on how not everyone will be happy with the maps being played. At this point in the game's life, majority rules and the majority enjoy al nas ctf.
The best you can do is speak up and attempt to sway the population towards a CQ map of your choosing.
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