New EA117 Server access

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New EA117 Server access

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    In response to problems we have experienced in the past,
    we have setup the EA117 Desert Combat server to require
    that all IP connections to the game server
    must be requested and authorized in advance.
    To play on the EA117 Desert Combat server,
    please do the following:
    • If necessary, in the Battlefield 1942 "Multiplayer" menu, use the "Update" button to retrieve an updated list of game servers.
    • In the updated server list, you will see a server named " to connect".
    • Simply go ahead and try to connect to that server.
    If you are already able to connect
    to the EA117 Desert Combat server, great!
    Stop reading and go play!
    You can come back and read the rest of this crap later!

    If you can see the server named
    " to connect"
    in the Multiplayer game server list
    but you can not connect to it:

    It's possibly because you're playing from a different IP address than you've played from in the past. Or maybe your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has changed your public IP address without your knowledge. Or maybe this is just your first time playing here, in which case, welcome! Let's get you connected!

    To request that EA117 update the server with your current IP address
    so that you can play on the EA117 Desert Combat server, do the following:

    • View this page (the message you're reading right now) from the same computer where Battlefield 1942 is installed. If you view it from your phone or some other computer, it might not be reporting the actual IP address your Battlefield 1942 game will be connecting from.
    • Use the "Contact Us" page to request access to the EA117 Desert Combat server. Your current IP address will be included in this request, and is visible from the "Contact Us" page as well.

      Your current public IP address is:

      Contact Us

    • In your request, tell us the player name you normally play with on the server, and what your previous public IP address was, if you know. Be specific and provide as much information as you can. Incomplete or vague information could potentially lead to delays and more questions while we investigate whom exactly is requesting access.
    • If for any reason your IP address is not displayed or says "(unknown)", alternatively you can determine what your current public IP address is by visiting a public web page such as which shows "Your IP address is:".

    Once we update your access to the EA117 Desert Combat server,
    you will continue connecting to and using the server normally,
    without having to re-request authorization of your IP address,
    at least unless or until your public IP address changes again.

    If you can not see the server named
    " to connect"
    in the Multiplayer game server list
    even after using the "Update" button:

    Then its probably because your Battlefield 1942 game has not been fixed to point to the replacement master server that was created after the GameSpy master server was shut down. Visit the GameSpy Shutdown information page and apply the recommended fix or one of the alternative fixes described on that page.

    Or you can manually enter in the server IP address,
    which is, port 14567.

    Background Information:

    The EA117 Desert Combat server is setup like this: In December 2017 we changed the EA117 Desert Combat game server, so that by default 100% of all computers are blocked from connecting to the server.

    In addition, to make things easier for our regular players, we went back through the 2017 player logs and collected the IP addresses of all the regular players who had connected to the server during that time. And we have already pre-authorized only those specific addresses to connect to the EA117 Desert Combat game server, without having to explicitly go through the pre-registration process.

    So everyone who had played more than just once or twice during 2017 or later should already be approved and able to join the EA117 Desert Combat server, if you are still playing from the same public IP address as you were before.

    This is what it has come to, at least for now, for us to prevent malicious players from crashing our Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat server in the future. To play on the EA117 Desert Combat server, we will have to know ahead of time and "approve" the public IP address(es) that you are expecting to play from.

    That doesn't mean we will always be 100% successful in keeping malicious players from being able to connect to the server. But in addition to making it harder for malicious players to be connected in the first place, it does provide a clear remedy for how to remove them. Because we will be simply revoking the "approval" for whichever IP address(es) had previously been approved for that player to play on.