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Posted: June 3rd, 2017, 3:45 am
1. In-game alias: Myzlplix/Myzlplyx
2. DC/BF4:
3. Public key hash(If BF4, leave blank): See comments
4. Date of the ban: April or May 2017
5. Who banned you: IDK
6. What were you banned for: Cheating
7. Comments: I was wondering if I could get a second chance on this server after having been banned now for a while.

I downloaded but when I click "get BF key from registry" it says "failed to open registry key". I don't mean to offend, I am just not too smart with computers. If it is even possible to get unbanned I would like some help in finding a solution.

*If you don't know who banned you or what you were banned for then type IDK for that question.

Re: Banned/Unban

Posted: June 3rd, 2017, 8:33 am
by Trench
Bans for cheating are not something we forgive or remove, but that's assuming this is indeed what the ban was for. Unfortunately there is no ban for "Myzlplix" or "Myzlplyx", so it must have been under a different name.

Not sure why BFHasher would say the registry key isn't accessible (maybe it only checks the key location for the CD-based installation as opposed to the Origin-based installation?), but you don't have to let it retrieve the key from the registry. You can just enter your key directly into the BFHasher program, as shown here.

If you actually do have an Origin-based game installation and are not sure what your key is, you can see it inside the Origin client as shown in Optional Step "D. View your Origin-issued Battlefield 1942 license key" down toward the end of the "HOW TO: Use an Origin-downloaded Battlefield 1942 game to play on the EA117 server" instructions.

Otherwise, for the CD-based game installation, we're talking about the key you entered during installation, which is usually on the back on the CD case.