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Now running BF Pirates again, arrrr! :25:

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the topic for the BATTLEFIELD 1942 modification: BATTLEFIELD PIRATES[/size]

:!: Server now features FULL Origin+CD player support !

:idea: If you are unknown or unsure about this MOD: bookmark this page !
This topic will contain up-to-date information about both the BF Pirates MOD and my BF Pirates-Server.

:!: Download-info available at the bottom of this post !

:!: This topic covers the BF Pirates modification for BF1942 only.
If you are looking for Battlefield Pirates 2 (for Battlefield 2) then you should be looking here !

:?: This topic is also for FEEDBACK from the community. Have you played on my server?
Please post what you think about the Server so that it can be improved upon if needed !


Because of popular demand, and mainly because I'd always wanted to have my own listed BF1942 server, I've decided to bring-to-life a 24/7 BATTLEFIELD PIRATES server:


Server info:

Live server feed:


Static info:
GAME PORT: 14567


:!: Server now features FULL Origin+CD player support !

Active mods and currently running:
BFP, DCF, DesertCombat, Galactic-Conquest

MOD info:

I could go on forever why you, at least, should just give this mod a chance and try it out.
But I'm not going to do that. :P
Instead, I will quote what the Original Developers of the BATTLEFIELD PIRATES series have written:
From BfPedia, May 10th 2012:

Battlefield Pirates is a full conversion mod of Battlefield 1942. The mod was first released in the summer of 2003, initially a solo project from creator Guy Smiley (Laurence Brown). BFP v1.0 was released on August 23rd, 2005, marking the final release of Battlefield Pirates for Battlefield 1942.

The mod featured two playable pirate crews, the red pirates versus the blue pirates. This evolved to become the undead Skull Clan against the human Peglegs in version .3 and beyond. This version also introduced numerous new weapons to the game such as throwing knives and the musketoon.

Battlefield Pirates features a unique combat system that balances ranged musket fire with swordplay. Flintlock weaponry demands long reload times, forcing skilled pirates to hone their skills with a sword to stay alive. This game was cherished by skilled players for it's fluid gameplay and balanced weapons.

The game also featured an armada of fully operational ships ranging from small dinghy rowboats to massive galleons. Players could raise and lower rows of cannons, board and steal enemy vessels and even pilot hot air balloons.

Brace yourself for a fun-filled adventure on the high seas!

I have got this info from their "BfPedia", a sort of WIKI containing a lot of information about Sailing and Marine Vessels, Classes, Weapons and last but not least: Maps.

Unfortunately, the link to BfPedia appears to be dead. Or, to stay on-topic, Dead in the water. LOL :D

So once again, it's 'Internet Archive' to the rescue !
Click here for a 2012-snapshot of the BfPedia (some links are still dead)

So, by now I should have gotten you all-warmed-up and ready to have a go at BATTLEFIELD PIRATES.
If not, have a look at this cute kitty-cat: clicky
or (if you are into the 'costume thing') this slightly more spicy cute kitty-cat: clicky

If still not,
:31: (repeatedly smashes his head onto his keyboard)
well, i haven't really got an answer what you SHOULD do If still not.. just read the entire post again.
Did you miss anything ?? I mean, take it from me, this MOD is fun !

Have a try, you won't be disappointed. :D
The MOD might not have as much active players as it used to have, but if I can share my enthusiasm with all of you, then maybe we can 'turn the tide' and the shores of BF1942 will once again be the scene of endless pillage !

Geez, I'm full of good metaphors today :)
And full of good web-lol-wtf photo's too, now I think about it. Well, enough chitchat.
Here's what you (probably) came for:


Client Download: (366 MB)
Download page:
Download page:

Direct Client download links (366 MB):
Download from:
Download from:
Download from: (FTP download)

MOD requirements:
BF1942 CD version with v1.61b Patch
BF1942 Origin version

So, see you all at:


Arrrrrrrrr... I be sinkin' fast !
:39: TheoNeo
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Post by mistamontiel »

Jesus Christ dude what a damn type-up

I thought by now everyone around are aware of all mods lol

Unfortunately .. I am not seeing no THE DRUNKEN MUG in Qtracker , will have to create shortcut to hop-in er by the power of AutoHotkey fire up BF on-the-fly =}

EDIT: Seemingly wrong subforum .. yet there is no BF subforum it's just DC Image
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