[29.07.2017] Play BF1942 Online and Win Cash!

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[29.07.2017] Play BF1942 Online and Win Cash!

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The only catch is you must register with me at the website below and let me know you are signing up to play so I can send you a unique name to keep track of the players and how long they are playing.

I hope you don't consider this advertising. The purpose of this event and similar future events are to keep old and classic multiplayer video games alive and well. This is our first event and in the future we look to expand to other video games and even mods for BF1942 such as Desert Combat.

Game: Battlefield 1942
Mod: Standard game
Server: SiMPLE | BF1942 [FRA]
Server IP:
Date: July 29, 2017
Time: 17:00 - 22:00 (5PM - 10PM) Warsaw, Poland Local Time
10:00 - 15:00 (10AM - 3PM) New York, New York Local Time

More info: https://brandonhemmy.wixsite.com/f2pgam ... id-to-play

All the specifics: https://brandonhemmy.wixsite.com/f2pgam ... nformation
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Re: [29.07.2017] Play BF1942 Online and Win Cash!

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So we're paying you for the opportunity to play on someone else's server? If the event is happening on Team-SiMPLE's server, why isn't this invite coming from & the required payment going to Team-SiMPLE? I haven't seen Team-SiMPLE announce anything about this.
https://brandonhemmy.wixsite.com/f2pgames/paid-to-play-information wrote:
Thank you for your interest!
  1. In order to be eligible for the cash offer you will need to register with us. You will send us your e-mail and in return we will send you a special in-game name for you to use while playing online. This special name will be your identification and your key to grabbing that cash prize!
  2. There will be a specified game, day, time, and server where we will be playing. You must play during this time, on the specified server using your name sent to you through e-mail.
  3. The more time you play, the more times your name will be entered and thus the higher probability you will win!
  4. All of this is simple, but remember to invite your friends and anyone who may be interested.
  5. We need a minimum of 10 players to register and play on the event for the cash to be offered.
  • $1 for each player that joins the event.
  • If 10 players join the event, the winner of the drawing will win $10.
  • If 100 players join the event, the winner of the drawing will win $100.
  • If a player joins for less than 1 hour he or she does not enter the drawing.
  • For every hour the player is playing in the event, this person will be entered into the drawing for each hour. For example; David joins our event for 4 hours and he will then be entered 4 times into the drawing.
All winners are random
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