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Posted: February 14th, 2021, 1:17 pm
by HairyRussianDude
My sister in law started dating a guy a few years ago who grew up as a DnD nerd. He introduced us to an entire new world of board games beyond Monopoly.
Pre-covid, I was spending Friday nights playing Gloomhaven with them. It is like a watered down DnD and card based.

They started working on a digital version over a year ago and have a neat system set up. It started dirt cheap with minimal content, and the price increases as they add more and more content to it. But once you buy, that's it! You get the rest of the content for nothing. I thought it was a clever way to fund the project.
I haven't touched it for quite some time and it looks like a ton of stuff was added to the game. If you are into such games, I highly recommend picking it up on the cheap!