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VIP Access

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Sick of waiting in queue when you wanna play right now?

Donate now to get your VIP slot!

EA 117 introduces VIP Access

Every donating user gets a reserved slot on our BF4 server(s). No more waiting, simply connect and play. *

How does it work?

When a VIP connects to a full server, a non-VIP player gets kicked to make room.
All VIPs join the battlefield instantly, always.

How do I become a VIP?

By donating. Our gameserver is driven by the part of our community that contributes.
As a donator, you will automaticly be added to our reserved slots list for the BF4 server. *

How long do I stay VIP, and how much do I need to contribute to become one?

Donations of $5 (US) or more will grant you a month of VIP access on our BF4 server.
Donate $50 (US) or more and you will get VIP access for a whole year.

Donation example: $5 = 1 month (30 days), $50 = 12 months.

Sounds sweet. How do I donate?

Register on our forums and use the PayPal link located HERE
Once you have donated, send Specialist a PM with your in-game/Origin name or else we won't know whom to reserve a slot to - do not donate anonymously!
After a successful donation, you will be added to the list within a few hours. **

Please contact Specialist if you have any questions or problems regarding VIP access.

* Every donation is considered a gift, and will not grant VIP access unless it is $5 or more.

All donations will go in full towards server renewal and management tools.