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Kicked because Cheating!!

Posted: March 23rd, 2014, 11:55 pm
by Aziz

My name is Aziz, and I play under "Anti-Ant-06". I played last night on server "EA 117 - 24/7 Conquest Favorites" for my first time. I play little bird more often. However, I got kicked from the server based on the admin decision for cheating.
Well. Let me say this. Usually I refresh my servers list and search for another server after I mark your server in order to not play in again. But, tonight I am in the mode to login the Team Speak to talk to the admin who kicked me, and open an account in your forum and post this topic. Also, luckily I was recording! So I have the prove that I was not cheating, and I got kicked from your server for playing well.

I am giving you the opportunity to evaluate the supervision and the administration in your servers.

Best wishes,

Re: Kicked because Cheating!!

Posted: March 24th, 2014, 12:18 am
by prophet
First of all Azis do not tell us how to run our server. I 100% of the time trust other admins on their decisions if they suspect someone of cheating and they probably watched you and came to conclusion that you are a possible hack/cheater and they will remove you but we have come across people who are actually godlike at BF4 like me :D but we are human and we make mistakes. Lets find out who the banning admin is and lets get this fixed.

You have any idea who it was?

btw im on TS as of right now.

Re: Kicked because Cheating!!

Posted: March 24th, 2014, 1:05 am
by Specialist

Thank you for taking the time and making an account on our forums. I was the banning admin. I had received multiple notifications about a possible hacker in the server and I came on to see what exactly was going on. You're name was being thrown around in chat and I went ahead and checked out your score and you were something like 14-1 so I asked who was hacking and your name was again mentioned.

You seem to be a veteran before player so I'm sure its no surprise to you that BF4 is lacking on the tools to catch cheaters so we as admins are left with little resources that we can use when it comes to catching cheaters. I gave you the ban since I was in my mobile rcon app and not near an actual computer when this situation happened. I gave you a temp ban until I could dig a little deeper and see if anything looked out of the ordinary.

I am done with my review of your account and also ran a check on your guid through several anti cheat websites and did not find anything that would indicate your cheating so I want to offer you an apology for the ban.

You have been unbanned.

Re: Kicked because Cheating!!

Posted: March 24th, 2014, 7:38 am
by Aziz
Mr. Specialist,

I appreciate your honesty <3 I am looking forward to play on ‚Äčthe server again.