Naval Strike First Thoughts

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Naval Strike First Thoughts

Post by Jump3rRay »

If you like the engineer class, then this is your expansion. PDW's are doing more damage than the larger caliber LMG's. The support class is reduced to supply room status in my opinion. Haven't played the assault class yet, but Imagine it will do more than the support class. That is my take on this xpac so far.

Once the carrier is breached, might as well give it up. even if you spawn on your carrier, you won't get inside until it is to late.
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Re: Naval Strike First Thoughts

Post by OddJob2021 »

I really like the new expansion. I like carrier assault, but like any game mode, if you have a shitty team you cannot win. I guess that's the spirit of the game: teamwork. In any case I like the new weapons available as well as the new maps. We'll have to play them more to find out if any are one sided but so far I like it.

Ray, I didn't see a buff to pdw's? They seem the same as the normal game or previous expansions. PDW's fire way faster than LMG's so it might seem as though they're more powerful as you can take down an enemy quicker (at close range) but that's about it, they don't hit nearly as hard per bullet. I personally love the support class: the MG4 and new AWS are amazing. Little recoil and 100 bullets @ ~800RPM. Plus with support you can get c4 AND ammo, so unlimited c4. But no doubt engineer shines on this new expansion, fast moving vehicles mean rpg and stinger heaven. I look forward to playing it more. I am very pleased with the Naval Strike thus far.
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