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Server Admins

Posted: December 14th, 2008, 12:15 am
by Specialist
    Below is a list of the admins for the Desert Combat server. Because this list is intended for contact purposes and the benefit of current active players, it is limited to just those admins who have frequented the server in the past year.

    Members of the EA117 site can send a private message (PM) directly to a specific admin as needed. Non-members can email to contact the server admins.

    In-game name (forum name)

      Re: Server Admins

      Posted: August 31st, 2018, 3:08 pm
      by Trench
      Updated the current active admin list in the top post.

      For historical reference, the original post is included here:
      Specialist wrote:
      December 14th, 2008, 12:15 am
      Below is a list of the admins for the server.

      If you have a question for a specific admin, email it to and just make sure to add which admin you are sending it to. Members can PM them directly.
      DC Server

      * Swanny-CG
      * Carnivore-CG
      * Specialist
      * alpha3
      * S.O.S
      * Rick Petko
      * Simon
      * Southern Cross
      * toolman
      * i_am_not_your_father
      * c0loNeL
      * Nightstalker
      * Beaver
      * OffTheHook
      * Ready-FIRE-Aim
      * Boon
      * Opus
      * C'mon Son
      * Itax
      * Little Big Man

      BF3 Server

      BF3 Name (Forum Name)

      * Sp3cialist (Specialist)
      * Swanny-CG
      * carnivore-cg (Carnivore-CG)
      * IANYF (i_am_not_your_father)
      * Beaver202 (Beaver)
      * Ready-FIR3-Aim (Ready-FIRE-Aim)
      * c0loNeliZeD (c0loNeL)
      * swodi
      * Grizzomatic (Grizzly)
      * to0lmantim (toolman)
      * Simon420 (Simon)
      * Pr0phet1 (prophet)
      * TDogFresh