Bocage Day2 MOD

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Bocage Day2 MOD

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I noticed that I didn't explain about Bocage Day2.

This map is different from other map, there are many helicopters and old plane.
so I'll itemize what is different from normal bocage day2 with my poor language skills 8-)

Soldier's Weapon

AT soldiers doesn't have stinger, but don't worry. You can get them in every base and control point.

Old Weapon
All old weapon had modded a little.
For example, M1 Garland can get enemy with 2 shots, MP5 is more powerful than usual.
They are hanged on wall in the house at middle flag and south flag.
There is no M82 on this map, but 1-shot-kill No.4 sniper and K98 sniper in both uncap base.

Carbomb is active on Lada and Kettenkrad.
They will be explode in 10 seconds after honk the horn.
UralTanker has more fuel on tank. Please be careful.(who cares lol)
DPV and Forklift can fly with right click & left click. It is difficult to fly. You need to practice :)
You can drive so fast with Kubelwagen and Willy with right click and left click.

No modding on TanK and Helicopters

Heal & Death Bubbles at each around uncap flag.
Plane ammo in each runway.
South flag has bigger radius to capture.

Updated on 2/25
Shells of Old Tank and Bazookas that spawn in middle flag was not proper.
It was stronger than usual but trajectory was different from visible shell.
now that problem is fixed. They are powerful than before!
Old plane is more realistic than before.
Their speed and mobility is different each other.
In Addition, bomb is a bit stronger.
Added long-spawn Stuka and MD-500 in red base because of helicopter's profitability on Allies.
CTF and TDM was not supported bacause server has crashed when loaded CTF. Now fixed.

Updated on 5/30
We made plane's gun a little stronger, Shilka's power more weaker and
removed C4 because we can camp at church with C4.

Have fun :D
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