Fun sci-fi book that takes place in Texas

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Fun sci-fi book that takes place in Texas

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In the past two days I just binge read, "After the Revolution." I was doing research on sci-fi books that featured sensationalist future collapse scenarios, and it turns out this guy - a conflict journalist with experience in foreign wars and domestic conflicts - put his novel up (in both text and audiobook form) for free. It's fucking hilarious and crazy and fun. The whole thing takes place in Texas in 2070 after the U.S. has been Balkanized and there's a bunch of different nation and city states now in the place that was once the USA. There's the corporate Northeast American Federation, the California Republic, the Republic of Texas, the Christian State, the Kingdom of get the idea.

The plot of the book follows three characters at a time when the Christian state mounts an assault against the rest of Texas, and...well, it's just fucking awesome you gotta read it. The worldbuilding is amazing and fun, and of course when you write something 50 years in the future you have to take into account some sort of technological leap, and the author went with humans having figured out a whole hell of a lot of bioengineering in terms of nanotechnology that allows it's possessers to heal other stuff. Don't want to spoil the fun.

It doesn't exactly cater to right wingers, but it doesn't villify them either, except the really kooky, fundamentalist ones, so in theory y'all could appreciate it whether you're for B1d3n or T4u/\/\p


Here's the link, like I said, you can either read it or audiobook it for free off this site:
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