If you want to report a player, this is the place to do so.
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i have not had any direct altercation with this guy thus far, but twice now i have been unimpressed with his lack of respect toward our regulars on the server.
a few weeks ago, during a round on Al Nas he made a comment suggesting that "playing here is like playing against bots "
then last night during Berlin, after Wildcard threw a haxusation at him , he got rather verbal and told Wild not to 'cry'.

if you feel someone is 'hacking', bring it to the forum, in the open. at least the person being accused can explain themself.

i did try and explain to him, that this is a 'casual server'.....but i am not sure if it registered.
im not sure if anyone else has had dealings with him in the past, but feel free to post here if you have.

this is not my server.....but i have always known the general vibe of this server to be that anyone is welcome to come here and play for the enjoyment of the game.

if any of you feel you are better than those who play here, then go take your skills in to a tournament or something lol then you can see how good you are....basically , put your money where your mouth is.
but this server is not a place to shoot your mouth off and be disrespectful or degrading to those who are just happy to log on, see old friends, have some laughs and enjoy it being just a game.

my .666 cents
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Re: SSSSNAKE/tragic!

Post by BlinkofanEye » wildcard's tears make the Nas roads all soggy and lead to a lot of Screaming_eagle crashes :(
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