HeyO All!

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HeyO All!

Post by _Roadie »

( Don't much like Al Nas around here -EH? 😎 )
Well that was fun. Haven't played DCF since '06...
GTG once the PB fix was applied. Thanks for the help guys, sorry I forgot the handles of who helped out.
Already had Tank's fix, just hadn't applied it.
Found my discs a few months ago and have been hanging out over at MoonGamers, dying frequently.
Finally tweaked DC well enough today so I could get on.
Oh how I enjoy DC/CTF. Missed flying helos. This is about the only game I have ever been able to fly in.

I've gone over the Rules, Similar to how MG does it and I really like the No Attack UnCaps and No DetPacks in CTF, wished we'd thought of those kind of rules back in the day.

Also went over the "Toning Down...", truly hope that's a thing of the past.

Enjoyed this evening. Thanks to the gang for loading up helo-centric maps for me.
Got a lot of tweaking to do, going to have to ditch the wireless Logi G602, at least that's what I'm going to blame my crashes on for now.

Incidentally, _Roadie was _RoadKill way back in the day TFC, HL, CS, DoD, BF, DCF.... (someone might remember).
I changed it when the children of our clan members started noticing handles.
So to be clear, I don't tote around stage equipment for bands, I'm fodder for Jeeps® & tanks. :D

See ya when I see ya.
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Re: HeyO All!

Post by [BOP] FallinRaven »

It was great playing with you Roadie! Would love to run some more helo maps again. There still isn’t anything like the flying in DC, especially the helos.

- Stab 5 Freddy
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Re: HeyO All!

Post by tonawandares »


It was good to see you returning to the game.
We hope more former players realize how great this game is and rediscover it.
I thought that I had recognized your handle but I think I was actually thinking of a player named, "Roadster."
See you next time

~ tona
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