Bf 3 & 4

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Bf 3 & 4

Post by Demonic »

Here you go Cyberdemon bro....we were talking a little the other day and you had mentioned you hadnt played BF4 before ;)
Its some old footage from when i used to play it ( might have to get back into playing it soon )

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Re: Bf 3 & 4

Post by Cyberdemon »

Demonic bro

I haven't really played BF4, just BF1.
It looks very "polluted" visually speaking.
And very busy just like the BF1.
But why did you say you have to go back to playing?

Oh yes, I forgot, the end of the video is spectacular!!

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Re: Bf 3 & 4

Post by Trench »

Surely, by now, someone has made a parody video that shows real-live soldier combatants performing a mission and engaging the enemy while both themselves and the enemy constantly perform that moronic-looking hopping in real life.

That was the biggest "no thanks" out of that video for me. Every single person just hopping, hopping, hopping...

Maybe we need to replace the Desert Combat hopping animation with someone simply bending low and swaying back and forth, so that it looks like something people might actually do when trying to move from one place to another while evading fire.
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Re: Bf 3 & 4

Post by [BOP] FallinRaven »

BF4 can be quite “polluted” at times. Never really cared for the vehicles here. That being said I very much enjoyed this game, especially sniping heads off in Metro and Lockers . If only those skills transferred over to DC…

The hopping never bothered me. Shooting the enemy in the head usually does the trick. Hopping in BF4 doesn’t really give you an edge like dolphin diving does in 1942/DC.

If there were any North American servers alive I’d probably still play this from time to time.
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