the unwritten rules.

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the unwritten rules.

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Why do I still play this game after 17 years? Let me count the ways. The gameplay is unparalleled. The maps are intricate, and require strategy. The games are unpredictable, their spontaneity is the reason the phrase "Battlefield Moments" was coined. 17 years later, I still regularly see events in the game that I've never seen before. I love the adrenaline rush of sprinting away with the flag. Of infiltrating a base unnoticed. Of rallying from deficit for a come-from-behind victory. The community is unparalleled. I enjoy shooting the breeze over TS, and learning new tricks of the trade in-game. I can't walk much in real life, and it's fun to explore new worlds as well without physical limitation. Above all, I love the teamwork.

To me, above all, I love this game since it is an escape. It's a way to decompress, and to chill, to game together.

No one is perfect. We are all cooped up inside, some under indefinite shelter-in-place orders. Some have lost jobs or have sick family members. Others are adjusting to new and stressful work situations. This is not an easy time, for anyone.

Lately, some players have taken actions that have made the game a bit less fun. I refuse to single anyone out by name.

While most players have remained relaxed -- wishing others a "gg" or "n1" or "gf", asking about how loved ones are doing, discussing teamwork tactics -- the tone of the dialogue has been taken in a more negative direction by a small group. Some have triggered this negative dialogue by either circumventing or outright disobeying server rules. I have seen those that claim not to be cheating to suddenly switch from RPGs to AK47s. I have seen those that regularly outscore everyone else use C4 close to the flag, when they clearly do not need to do that to have an advantage. I have seen others use key binding when they too are already in the lead. I have seen others shoot teammates out of anger, or passive aggressively provoke them either in action or text.

The chat responses have been as bad. Even if someone teamkills you or if you suspect them of hacking, it is completely unacceptable, and unfair to everyone else, to poison the dialogue by making accusations or engaging in profanity laced rants. I have seen some long-time veterans/regs quit the game when that happens. It means the admins become babysitters, when we just want to game too.

When I am easily capturing flags, I take a break and help defend to make the game more even. My wrist has chronic pain anyway so I can't use the regularly style that I've played with for 10+ years for more than ~30 mins at a time, so I've learned a new style. I've seen one of our tactically superior players and best movie-maker make a similar shift in game style. I applaud that maturity and awareness of how one's actions impact others.

As admins, we optimize this function: average number of players * average enjoyment per player. Reduce either variable, and we are not as good as we could be.

Act like adults. Don't be selfish, in your actions or words. If you have a problem with another player, calmly note it, and either PM an admin (ideal) or post on the forum if you really feel that you need public validation. Don't make your words be as poisonous as another's actions.

It's summer. It's hot out. COVID-19 has become an interminable pandemic until a vaccine. We get it. Life is hard. Don't let Battlefield 1942 make your life harder. This should be an escape to a fun destination. Help make it stay that way, for everyone's sake.

TL;DR to quote Samuel L Jackson, y'all need to chill! [youtube][/youtube]

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